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B-Complex is a combination of the eight vitamins which form the B complex, with added choline and trimethylglycine. Working together as a team, the B vitamins are critical nutrients that act as required ‘keys’ to unlock the potential of various enzymatic reactions in the body and thus, support a healthy metabolism. The modern refined diet is high in sugar, alcohol, and devitalized foods which lead to lower levels of B vitamins. Stress, many medications and the aging process may also lower B vitamin levels. Without adequate B vitamins, many of the body’s chemical processes become slow and inefficient.

Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegetarian

  • Supports energy production by helping the body properly utilize amino acids, fats and carbohydrates

  • Encourages optimal mental health, brain activity and feelings of well-being

  • Essential for sustaining a healthy metabolism (the chemical processes of the body)

  • Helps balance female hormones, especially during pregnancy, menstruation or other key phases in a woman’s life

  • Supports healthy neurological development in babies and during pregnancy

  • Promotes the production and maintenance of healthy blood cells and joints

  • Supports a strong immune system

  • Assists with the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels

  • Possesses antioxidant properties, thus helps fight damage to cell membrane

Take one capsule per day with a meal or as directed by your health care practitioner.


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