Throughout my 28 years as a medical doctor, I have witnessed many profound transformations made possible through modern medicine and technology. Innovation and progress have allowed me to become a better and more effective physician. But the greatest discovery of my medical career was perhaps the least obvious - the body’s natural healing ability.

Educated in a traditional western medical school, I was taught to focus on a medical specialty and to understand the state of someone’s health based on a reductionist approach. A person became a set of symptoms and a history of patterns, and these then translated to a specific diagnosis, which I was trained to treat with either pharmaceutical medicine or by referring to another specialist. While I helped treat patients so they could continue living their lives, I wasn’t truly healing them. And it was only a matter of time before they ended up coming back with a different set of problems to diagnose.

Witnessing this cycle repeat over my years as a physician opened my eyes up to an inefficiency in modern medicine. And that’s when I began to look for a better solution to help my patients. I spent years studying alternative medicine and ancient healing techniques, looking for new ways I could integrate these philosophies into my daily practice. What I discovered was that many of these techniques, whether it was acupuncture or ayurvedic medicine, shared one common belief. And that was that true healing came from within. Everything was pointing to an internal force that could prevent and heal sickness. It only needed to be awakened.

Today, as a physician and healer, I practice preventative medicine or “transformative medicine” as I prefer to call it. Focusing on the entire spectrum of the individual, I help patients regain control of their health through a combination of cutting-edge nutritional science, behavioral modification, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and ancient healing techniques.

Awaken by Dr. Cesar Lara is the result of years of passionate research and testing. The inspiration behind the brand comes from my desire to create a premium supplement line that could bring attention to our own internal healing force. The supplements I offer are what I use with my patients and are designed to help your body function optimally each and every day. Targeting your body at the cellular level, Awaken supplements will make you feel as powerful as you should naturally, awakening your body’s fundamental ability to heal, repair, and rejuvenate.

From my heart to yours, I promise that I will stand by my commitment to awakening your body’s natural healing force. As I hope you will soon discover, you have everything you need inside yourself to transform and live a happy health life. Join me on this journey of self-exploration. It will make all the difference.

In harmony,

César A. Lara M.D.

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