Fire + Stone Workshop-February 2nd 2023

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On a daily basis we experience and see how media, politicians, and commerce use fear to keep us fixated to their channel or message. Whether it is fear of getting sick or losing our livelihood, the fear of war and of others that may harm us; it is not surprising that we are seeing a growing number of people who are feeling anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, and hopeless.

Are you feeling anxious or fearful of what may happen?

Are you afraid of possibly losing what you have, or maybe not getting what you want?

Are you stuck and unable to move forward?

Fear is a basic emotion that can alert us to danger, but if not processed and released can overtake our nervous system and be paralyzing and catastrophically effect our health and wellbeing. Throughout the ages Shamans from around the world have used their wisdom along with ancient energetic healing techniques to help people release those heavy energies, while realigning their luminous energies into a more balanced, prosperous and healthier life-experience.

This 3 hour, interactive workshop will introduce transformative healing techniques that will help release old programs and heavy emotions. You will begin your journey connecting to your higher integral self where love leads. You will be ready to release those old ways of thinking that hold you hostage to heavy emotions and fear. Whether it is a physical ailment you are dealing with, an emotional trauma or just not feeling good, this workshop is for you.

February 2nd 2pm-5pm

Location 1217 Ewing Ave Clearwater Fl 33756

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